How To Organize a Retreat

Dear Leader(s),

Thank you for choosing Shiloh for your Retreat! Here are some suggestions we highly recommend you follow to make your retreat a success. Please read all the enclosures carefully!! Planning is critical!!!

- Be sure there is someone in charge! Be sure to reserve your retreat early!

- Make sure there are no conflicts between your retreat dates & other church      activities or school events!

- Line up your speaker and program well in advance of the event. Also, be sure to put together a detailed retreat schedule and share it with your entire group.

- Advertise your retreat through announcements, bulletin board, mailings, etc; personally invite and encourage people to come. Follow Up!!!  Do not wait till the last minute to publicize your event!

- Make sure you collect a $25 Deposit from each retreat participant! Do not send your deposit until you have collected $25 from each attendee!! This cannot be overstressed!!!  People who neglect to give you a deposit at the outset will often back out of their verbal commitment to attend the retreat!!!!

- A non-refundable deposit must accompany your reservation in order to secure your dates! Don’t forget to send your confirmation form at least two weeks before your scheduled event!!  

- If any of your guests is under the age of 18 and will be attending the retreat without an accompanying parent or guardian, make sure you bring the proper parental consent Forms!

- We recommend a 1 to 5 Ratio of leaders to minors: one woman chaperon for each 5 girls and one man for each 5 boys. Leaders and chaperons must be age 18 or older. No unchaperoned minors, please.

- Organize your Transportation to and from Shiloh. Car pool whenever you can!

- Contact Us 2 days prior to your retreat with group numbers and your estimated time of arrival.

- Make sure the balance due for your retreat is in hand before your arrival!

We’d be happy to help you with planning the details of your retreat; please feel free to contact the Shiloh staff with any questions you may have.

Greg Gordon
Shiloh Director

Shiloh PO Box 194 Jefferson, NH 03583 603.586.7973
Shiloh Retreat Lodge
Established. 1980